A Day

19 06 2015



I neglect this blog, so I’m going to try not to. Here’s a day in the life of a fibrobeing.

It started harmlessly enough. I awoke with my cat still glued to my face, which is how I fell asleep, & my sleep app informed me that I got 6 quality hours. A hot shower released the usual AM kinks, & I felt like I’d gained a spoon.

Fast forward to work, where a no call/no show client cost me an hour’s cash. This ended up being a blessing in disguise (God protects fools & gingers), because by 1PM my left leg was trying to cecede from the Union, my right arm seemed to be getting shot repeatedly by ethereal mafiosos, & my shoulders were all like “You bitch.”

After washing my hands, I had a spasm that caused me to punch the edge of a tiled wall, hard, with my knuckles. My left hand is now almost useless, which made driving home fun. It made grocery shopping an extra exciting adventure. I like to view these instances as my own Tri Wizard Challenge, because that’s more fun than being angry or crying, & it actually works.

Triumphs: the Trader Joe’s check out guy was super friendly. I also managed to completely avoid the comfort carbs I usually go for in this much pain, & loaded up on nuts, seeds, cheese (mmm, cheese) & fresh fruits.

I managed to park better than a well trained orangutan, & no one died. I typed this post with my one good hand. So I’m going to call this a good day. I am the world’s most pathetic Tri Wizard Champion.




2 responses

19 06 2015

Looking forward to The Nationals.

I hear you’re a contender for the Goblet of Fibro.

19 06 2015

I hope I don’t have to drink out of it!

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