Survival Guide for Cold, Wet Days

25 03 2012

It’s exceedingly cold & wet in Los Angeles now. The rest of the country laughs, as well they should. Weather that other regions deem normal creates power outages, flooding, & driver incompetence here. Yet no matter where you live, fibro sucks in the wet & cold. Here’s all I can muster for you in this instance:

1. Stay indoors.

2. Stay warm. Hot shower, electric blanket, & wear most of your clothing. Pile cats or other living creatures on you.

3. Order in healthful food. Trust me, you shouldn’t lift or stir anything today.

4. Rinse, repeat. The day is a wash. Just surrender to the stupid. And watch something funny.

5. Nobody normal will get it. Oh well.




5 responses

25 03 2012

True,love it

25 03 2012


I would only add, to #2, especially if you are unable to comply with #1: Wool. Wool is your friend. Yes, even in the South. It will keep you warm and dry. I don’t care how many acrylic or cotton sweaters you have. Allergic? Try alpaca, angora, whatever. If you have to go out, it’s the next best thing to bringing your fluffy animal companion of choice with you.

25 03 2012

I am allergic to wool, but I am huge fan of the warming powers of acrylic. Our non-vegan fibro friends may certainly enjoy the suggestion! Thanks!

25 03 2012

Oh no! I am so sorry you have to miss out on the awesomeness of wool. (I assume you’re truly allergic, as opposed to having had bad experiences with itchy sweaters– and that you’re allergic to the wool itself, not the lanolin in it (which alpaca lacks).)
My problem with acrylic is that it doesn’t breathe well. Tho there are some nice ones out there.

25 03 2012

I still have scars from the last time I wore wool. Very not good. I envy people who can have it.

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