Face It; Flare Sucks

1 02 2012

I’m in flare, so of course my natural inclination is to start a fibro blog. Yeah, that’s slightly sorta really nuts, but WordPress has an app, & I can add posts from the comfort of my bed & the convenience of my iPhone. With fibro, you have to figure out how to do more with less. You get better than Norms at what might be termed Apocalypse Living.

Even though, technically, there’d be no Internet, probably, during the Apocalypse. Whatevs, people. MY BODY IS AN APOCALYPSE.

So here’s my super quick, flarebrained tips for dealing with flare.

1. You may have to work. If you can take the time off, for the love of God, do it & take care of yourself. If you can’t today, arrange for a short day. If you can’t do that, ask for the soonest day off. My appointment book had no one on it yet for tomorrow, but was nearly full today. I rescheduled my last client with another consultant, marked myself out tomorrow, & went home. Just do it. Don’t be a martyr. Martyrs end up on disability. Avoid that as long as you can (& you most likely can).

2. Eat clean. You know you shouldn’t be having MSG & high sugar anyway, but when you are on a flare you’ll only prolong it reaching for most prepared foods. If you don’t have something prepped & frozen, it’s ok to order out or have a spouse, boy/girlfriend or friend bring you something. You’ve got to eat, & it has to be wholesome food with some fat & fiber. Luckily I’d had the good sense to have a beef stew in the crockpot today.

3. Stay warm & hydrated.

4. Don’t stay completely immobile. If all you do today is shuffle around the house on crutches for five minutes, just do that. Immobility will make it worse, but obviously don’t over do it. If you can add some very light yoga stretches in bed (child’s pose, downward facing dog, cat pose), your body will thank you later.

5. Someone else can scoop the catbox & unload the dishwasher. If you live alone, ok, the catbox can’t go for too long. But the dishwasher? Meh. It’ll still be there when you can lift you arms.

6. Don’t drive. Please try not to, anyhow. In fibro fog, you have no idea where you’ll end up. If your arms & shoulder sockets hurt & are weak, you could have issues parking or even steering. And if your legs and ankles are freezing up, you could have acceleration & breaking issues. Get a ride or don’t go anywhere. Now is not the time to rush to a massage appointment.

7. If you’re too weak to brush your teeth or stay up in the shower, it’ll keep for a day. A quick hot shower when you’re stronger might help. Don’t fuss with the bath unless you can get help getting out, & you don’t mind that person seeing you nekkid.

As you can see, my sense of humour kinda died with the flare, but don’t get all serious on yourself either. If you can hold up a book or e-book, amuse yourself. Make a Twitter list of comedians & funny friends for days when politics & flame wars over your favorite TV shows aren’t working for you. Watch a wacky marathon on TV or your favorite movies or shows on DVD. Don’t go to drama town; make yourself as happy as possible.

If you have developed a flare coping mechanism, please share below!




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28 04 2012
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